‘Acid Rain’ (and upcoming music video)

‘Acid Rain’ (and upcoming music video)

I wrote this song as a way of coming to terms with what I was realising at the age of 27 – that so much of what I had believed, valued and lived for until that point was undeniably based on lies, cruelty and behind-closed-doors events which allowed me to have a nice life where I got to search for meaning (largely through commercial means) and enjoy myself while others toiled away unrecognised. Furthermore, the privileges I enjoyed could only have arisen thanks to the development of the world economy, driven largely by using fossil fuels to create energy, and thus warming the planet and provoking catastrophic climate change. In a nutshell, my knowledge and beliefs about the world were getting upturned while at the same time a new perspective was becoming clearer to me. We are all implicated in this crisis, so we all need to do our best to find solutions and take action. The path to salvation seems possible, but will we choose it before it’s too late?

This period of monumental transition (switching from fossil-fuel-based energy to renewable energies is just the beginning!) is one of the biggest metamorphoses human civilisation will ever undergo, and lifting the veil on all of this was one of the biggest internal metamorphoses I have ever experienced personally.

Stay tuned for the music video to be released later this year!

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