Mel grew up in Ballarat, a town near Melbourne, Australia. She would listen to British rock bands like Dire Straits and The Police, and jazz and bossa nova classics from Cole Porter and Antonio Carlos Jobim. She would go to Celtic bush dances, often hosted by her Dad’s band, and she sang in an African Gospel choir where she developed an ear for interesting rhythms and harmonies. In high school, her Beatles-obsessed music teacher taught her everything he knew about quality song writing. Her father, Chris Brennan, a talented singer songwriter himself and writer of musicals, has also had an immeasurable influence on his daughter’s own development. 

Mel’s musical style combines these early influences with her more recent experiences as a young adult living abroad in South America and Spain. She fell in love with the Spanish language and discovered the music of Kevin Johansen and Natalia Lafourcade, and the flamenco rhythms from Jerez de la Frontera. This is where her partner and music collaborator-producer-pianist, Pablo Rosado, comes from.

Now, with her unique blend of pop, folk & bossa nova rhythms, insightful, witty lyrics and bittersweet vocals, Mel hopes to reach larger audiences to allow her music to play a role in our cultural evolution. 

Clever yet emotional, meaningful yet lighthearted. Ani diFranco meets Joni Mitchell in Rio de Janeiro.

– Aaron Feder. Producer, multi-instrumentalist and founding member of Alma Afrobeat Ensemble.

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